3 June 2019

Good morning Bangkok! Or should I say Nonthaburi, since that is where I’m writing this post from.

Some significant events have happened since my last post. Fingers crossed I have good news to share in a few weeks, maybe a month or two.

It’s funny how things happen over a longer period of time when you’re an adult. I think when I was younger, if things happened over a period of several weeks, that would be considered a long time. Now though, if something can be concluded in a matter of weeks, that’s pretty quick.

I wonder why that is… (note to self: a post on my main blog on the relativity of time or some such obscure and important sounding topic might be in order – I’ve left that blog dormant for too long now)

One thing did happen, by adult time standards, at light speed yesterday though: my credit card application. Finally, after years of being content with having just a debit card, I decided to bite the bullet and enter the world of temporary debt.

For two reasons: sometimes my hotel booking site requires payment to be made via a credit card. Which means that last time when we went to Lipe I had to borrow my dad’s card, which just seems wrong. Secondly, I will most likely be moving country next year, which may entail big purchases. So having a credit card might actually come in handy.

In any case, I decided to get a credit card. Me being me, I went for the devil I know and applied for The One card with Central. And the process was simpler than simple. Faster than fast.

I had called beforehand to check what documents I needed. Once I arrived at the service counter at Central and announced my intention to apply for a credit card, I was efficiently and politely whisked away to the financial centre one floor down. All my documents were then taken and processed. About two hours later, my credit card was approved and ready to be mailed to my mailing address. In 7-10 working days I should be in possession of a shiny new card that will open doors to fickly hotels who wouldn’t take my debit!

Oh so simple.

How did I get onto this topic? Ah yes, adult time.

Another good thing that’s happened recently (I’m categorising getting a credit card as a good thing) is that I’ve gotten back to exercising regularly. With all the travel and stuff happening back in April and early May, I hardly had time to go to Absolute, which is my gym in On Nut.

But once I got back from Hanoi in May (the trip after the one I was writing about in my last post), I promptly registered for classes, and now I’m back as a regular going 2-3 times a week. I also bought a new package to extend my membership beyond October. I had been thinking of renewing and there was a pretty good deal, so I went for it.

Typical of me though, I decided on the spot (rather than take the night to think it over like my sales rep suggested) and ended up spending more than I needed to. My initial package was an unlimited package where I can cycle and do yoga and pilates. However, I don’t really do pilates. I’ve got my regular cycling on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and hot yoga on Wednesday. And that’s pretty much it.

So really, I didn’t need to get another unlimited package. But because I didn’t take the time to properly think it over, that’s exactly what I did. Ah well. On the bright side (there’s always a bright side), this will give me impetus to find time to go do pilates! Maybe some weeks I’ll go four times. The more, the healthier! (Is that not how the saying goes? Ah, who cares, language evolves all the time!)

So, if I could only get my eating in control… I’ve been eating particularly unhealthy foods recently. Ice cream, various kinds of carb-based desserts. So, so yummy. My thinking has been: I am exercising, hence am allowed a few treats. But if I’m to actually get my weight down and lose that flab… anyhow, it’s not a big issue. Weight loss is a by-product, not the driving goal. Really, I just want to get healthy and feel fresh and strong.

So yes, back to regular exercising, talking about which I should probably sort out my next Monday’s schedule and book my cycling class.

Until next time!



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