1 July 2019

Sooooooo, as it turns out, buying the Unlimited package at my gym was not an absence of due consideration, but a stroke of genius.


I had been cycling and doing hot yoga only, which would have rendered my new Unlimited package somewhat overpriced since I’m missing out on the Pilates which is the most expensive class offered at the gym.

But the wonderful Spaghetti Gods are kind.

For whatever reason, my favourite hot yoga instructor no longer comes to my studio – so it’s bye-bye Wednesday hot yoga!

And since I don’t want to do cycling three days in a row (I want some diversity. Plus, I’d just get bored), guess what I’ve had to re-start doing!

You guessed it… Pilates!

So I’m a few weeks back into my Pilates now. Still don’t enjoy it as much as cycling or hot yoga, but I feel my muscles ache a few days after, which I guess is a good thing.

Who would have thought I have abs hidden underneath all that flesh… well now I do! And I’m somewhat regularly working them out.

Pilates once a week, alternating between abs & arms and butt & thighs won’t miraculously turn my body into a toned statue I’m sure. But at least I’m getting to work the muscles that I don’t use otherwise.

So yes, buying that Unlimited package turned out to be a good decision after all!

And I’m just so proud of myself for still sticking to my exercise regime after a month. I’m about to start a long holiday with my boyfriend, so won’t be going as much (I have been going three times a week in the past few weeks). But I plan to go still once a week. Stopping entirely for a month just doesn’t seem right.

Ah, life is good. I hope it is for y’all too!

Until next time.



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