29 September 2014

This blog is my baby.

I realised this a few minutes ago while updating my LinkedIn profile.

I mean… I always knew this was going to be my most intimate blog. But I never quite realised how much I would come to cherish it. Until a few minutes ago, that is.

When you incorporate your digital footprint into your professional profile, you have to be careful how you portray yourself on your platforms. That’s the price I am having to pay on my two other ‘serious’ blogs, which I have now LinkedIn to my LinkedIn profile (the wordplay doesn’t look as good on screen as it did in my mind… but I’m just going to leave it).

It’s not that I am super professional and serious on those blogs and dumping all my dirty laundry here. I mean, come on, if you really want to dig, you’re going to find this blog in a heartbeat. I’m not exactly keeping it locked away in a safe. All those hashtags on twitter aren’t there to keep people from finding this blog (though they don’t appear to be having the opposite effect either – oops).

Which, strangely, is exactly why I love this blog so much. It feels like my corner on the Internet. It feels intimate. I know it’s nothing like the privacy of my home, but not having that many visitors puts less pressure on me. I can write whatever I want here. I can trial different styles. I can talk about random stuff. I can ramble on, and on, and on, without ever having to worry about losing my followers or appearing fickle.

Not that I don’t cherish each and every one of you reading this (thank you for reading!)… but not having so many of you just takes the pressure off. The pressure I constantly feel when writing a featured post on Living Time, or on my shiny new blog A Squared Journey (a.k.a. the promise-breaker). I write so much faster here. The thoughts flow. The words just fall out of my hands. It’s great.

I am happy I have this baby to write on.

Thank you all for reading it.


Mother Val






27 September 2014

I broke a promise to myself.

What is more: I can’t remember when and where I made this promise. I’ve just spent a frustrated few minutes quickly sifting through my social media platforms for the promise. I couldn’t find it.

This is extremely frustrating. I do not like not remembering things.


I also don’t like breaking promises. Which is why I make very few promises. I hardly ever promise anyone anything. If I promise you something, then you can be sure I’ll give my head to make it happen. Metaphorically, of course.

Now that I’m writing this, I’m not even sure if it was a promise. Maybe it was a resolution. Nah. I think it was a promise.


This is really frustrating. (Not the breaking of the promise. But the not remembering where I wrote it on social media. And the not being sure whether it was a promise or not.)

I can be a maze of confusion and contradiction sometimes.


Curious observation: being in a state of frustration drastically reduces my attention span. However, it also produces a strong burst of energy and really concentrated focus, with which I am (rapidly) producing this blog post.


I can already feel my interest in finishing this blog post waning. So as a pre-emptive act, I’m going to finish this post now.


Frustrated Val

p.s. A note on the aforementioned search for the promise. Twitter is great for that. Facebook, however, is not very search-friendly. Come to think about it, it’s not very anything-friendly, is it?

p.p.s. I should also probably tell you what this promise-breaking act was.

*guilty pause*

I started another blog.

*clears throat*

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking. *cough: serial blog starter!* But I can justify it I swearrrrrrr… And not just with the pleasure of customising a new theme, which will probably take up my whole morning tomorrow… *mental jumping up and down with hands in air*

p.p.p.s. I am heading towards a life enslaved to WordPress aren’t I… Ah well!