25 April 2014

It’s Friday night.

No. That’s a lie. It’s actually Saturday morning.

But seriously now, everyone knows morning doesn’t happen past midnight. Morning is when you wake up. #fact

So what am I doing blogging on a Friday night? Two things.

First, I’ve never really been big on Friday nights. Which isn’t surprising, really, considering I’ve spent the large part of my last seven years as a student.

Students don’t have to wake up to go to work the next day. We just sleep. At least I did. I had some morning lectures here and there, but two per week was the maximum. So, really, almost every night of the week could be Friday night for me.

I did get a taster for what’s in store during my time working in Bangkok last year. And I don’t think I’m going to do very well staying up on my feet on Friday nights come August (when, fingers crossed, I will be putting my myriad capabilities to lucrative ends). I’ll probably fall asleep over my drinks given that I will have been waking up at 5am five nights in a row.


We’ll see how that works out. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, every night can be Friday night.

The second thing is that, exceptionally, I’ve actually already been out this evening.

Exceptionally because, as I’ve just said, I don’t really do Friday nights, and also because, not counting dinners, I haven’t been out on a soirée in a while.

My boyfriend wanted to do something after work. And since he’s the responsible one with a job and I’m the final-year student who’ll do anything to procrastinate from revision, I did some googling and found a comedy night in Shoreditch.

And that’s what we did: comedy night in Shoreditch. It’s a place called Comedy Café just off Shoreditch High Street. I’ve never been, though as it turns out my boyfriend has. Oops. He said he liked it the first time round though, so no damage done there.

It’s actually quite a nice place. Cozy. Not too dark. Not too loud. Relaxed atmosphere. Great backdrop for comedy. Of all the places I’ve been to in Shoreditch so far (4-5), this was my favourite.

As for the comedy, well… There were 3 acts, and I happened to like the first act the most. The second guy was clearly not as good as the first. Having googled the headline act beforehand, I was quite excited about it (an experienced Swede comedian). And I really did try so very hard to like him.

To no avail. Tobias just didn’t do it for me.

Not that he wasn’t funny. All three were, in different ways. I just happened to like the way of the first guy the most. So much so that he totally eclipsed all the other acts. Ah well. Can’t have it all.

Observation: it was an all-male line-up tonight. The other comedy night I’ve been to (also in Shoreditch) also had a male-dominant line-up. Female comedians, where art thou?

But yeah, I had a fun night. And now I’m back, all snug under my cozy blanket, blogging away.

It’s 00.30am. I must now go to bed with the delusion that I will wake up early and have a productive morning.

Have a good night everyone,







20 March 2014

Bangkok is a bitch.

It is.

And I am a fool.

A fool for being lulled into a sense of security and calm after three weeks of no traffic, just to be violently jolted back to reality today. At around 8.45pm.

There I was, cruising along, feeling good about myself for leaving the city centre early to drive home, home being just outside Bangkok. I was thinking how smart I was, heading out early. After all, the roads have been so empty the past few weeks. Leaving 20 minutes early couldn’t possibly land me in the middle of Bangkokian traffic.


I turned into the expressway, paid the toll fees, then: TA-DA. Rows of red. Red tail lights everywhere. The sight you dread most when you drive onto the expressway, right before my very eyes. And I had to spot the red just after changing into the slowest-moving lane. How very convenient.

Taking the expressway is like flipping a coin. Either you win, there’s no traffic, and you get home in 40 minutes. Or you lose, like me today, and you get home in anything from one and a half hour to two. It’s a real gamble.

Gosh and now I’m so tired. It appears I’ve used up all my adrenaline quota today.

To be fair, it has been quite an eventful day.

On the drive home alone, I already experienced two adrenaline-pumping events.

The first happened while I was stuck in traffic on the expressway. There I was, moving along. Or, rather, not moving along. All the while, I was thinking something was strange. It wasn’t until I saw flashing blue and red lights on the other side of the expressway that I realised what it was: the expressway in the opposite direction was completely empty. The police had cleared the road. Some minutes later, the motorcade arrived. And I’m betting it was someone really important. Police cars, police motorcycles, unmarked sedans, unmarked vans, moving at a speed so fast it should be illegal, in really loose formation. Unlike any motorcade I’ve seen before (and trust me, living in Bangkok, I’ve seen a few). A motorcade worthy of a Hollywood movie. Adrenaline rush number one.

The second was when I had to brake really fast because there had been an accident and all the cars in front were forced to an abrupt halt. Have you ever felt it? That instant after you’ve braked, just in time, when you’re left completely at the mercy of the car behind you. The split second where you’re half-hoping the driver behind has really good reflexes, half-bracing yourself for impact. Luckily, they did. And I brought my car (and myself) home unscathed.

And now I’m completely out for the count. It’s a wonder I managed to write this far.

Let me give myself a pat on the back.

And go to bed.

Good night!