3 October 2014

I was going to prepare for the interview. But obviously I’m not doing that, because I am here writing to you, my lovely readers.

As you might have gathered, I have an interview. As you’re about to find out, it’s happening in exactly 3 and a half hours.

And I’m nervous as hell.

It’s not a typical job. Certainly not one I planned on doing. But not one I can’t see myself doing. Did that make sense? Of course it did.

It’s a job I’ve done before and have enjoyed to a considerable extent. Not something I see myself doing as a lifelong career (though I wouldn’t be surprised if I do – it wouldn’t actually be too bad). But certainly a good opportunity, and one where I see myself (potentially) learning a lot.

I will give my CV another read-through in the cab. Or when I’m there waiting. Yes, I’ll do that. There will be time. I plan on arriving well and early. No rushing around on these heels. I am no interview expert, but I’m pretty sure a sprained ankle and/or sweaty palms won’t make for a good impression.

I don’t believe in being too prepared for interviews. It doesn’t work well for me. Of course, I read up on the company and the role, and make sure I understand what I am applying to do and what will be expected of me. But I don’t rehearse my CV or prepare stock answers to interview questions – you know, those questions.

Why? I believe in spontaneity. I believe in a good night’s sleep. I believe in a full stomach (I’m stockpiling as I type). When I go in to an interview, I don’t want to come across as ‘well-prepared’; I want to exude confidence.

I think that’s the best thing that can happen in an interview. Anyone can be prepared. Not anyone can ooze confidence and appear in control.

That’s why I’m here writing to you guys rather than hunched over my CV preparing answers to questions about my past educational and professional experience. This is my confidence pool. At no other times do I feel more relaxed and assured than when I’m writing here. For reasons fellow writers would understand, and which I’ve abundantly enumerated here.

Wish me luck.



p.s. I got the job.


19 March 2014

This is going to sound extremely dodgy, but I can’t write a post today.

Not because I’m lazy, but because I’ve already written something else.

Extremely dodgy, I did say.

Oh but I can explain:

Knowing me and my tendency to overdo the things I enjoy doing, I set myself a rule on blogging: only one written piece per day.

And I’ve already written that one piece today for my other blog.

So yes. Extremely sorry.

I love you guys too. Not as much as I love the readers of my other blog obviously, but that’s just because what we have is still new.

Give it time.

I will be back tomorrow.

I would say to check out my other blog. But after showing preferential treatment a few lines up, I think that’d be presuming too much.

Do take care.

Until tomorrow,


p.s. Just to be clear, I love all my readers equally. Except the abusive ones. Whom I’m lucky not to have encountered. Yet. *knock wood*