21 June 2017

My work star is on the rise.

I recently got my first writing gig (articles on psychology for a foundation based in Chiang Mai), and subtitles work is flowing in. I’m on the fourth episode of my first Korean drama, and I was asked today whether I’d be interested in editing other translators’ work (Surely that must mean my translation isn’t too bad, right?).

I’m slightly concerned what it’ll be like come 3rd October when I begin my CELTA course. I’ve finished my application but have yet to submit it. I’ll do it soon. Now I’m wondering how it’ll be like time-management-wise. I’ll be working four days a week, studying three days a week. Granted, most of those are half-days. But there’ll be homework from CELTA. On top of that there’s the writing and the subtitles. And teaching my one private student. It’s going to be a tough 10 weeks.

I’m preparing for it though. I’ve started cutting down my sleeping hours to a maximum of 8 (from 9-10). I want my body to get used to sleeping less, and I think 8 hours is a pretty solid amount. I’ve also cut down on my nap time. No more long naps, 30 minutes maximum.

I’m also trying to not be lazy and get on the treadmill. I want my body to be in better condition. Plus, my weight has been creeping up these past months. So it’s a win-win situation.

Overall, I’m pretty happy though. I’m doing something that I really like. The subtitles job has truly been a blessing. And I’m enjoying it even more now that it’s a Korean drama. For some reason, it’s much easier to translate. The first time I watch the video, I already have a running commentary in Thai in my head. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched so many of them that I know how they work. Plus, this drama is really fun. It’s a medical investigative drama. The production and acting is solid, and the storyline imaginative.

So yes, I’ve been doing well. Slightly iffy about the future, but you never know until you try, and I’ve been pretty easy on myself these past few years. Time to buckle up and push forward.

Hope you’re all doing well!





26 March 2014

I think I’ve figured the printer out.

Some of you may remember my rant from 21 March, in which I pour out my exasperation with modern technology in a broken and over-long narrative.

(How’s that for self promotion?)

Anyways, I woke up today to the mammoth task of, you guessed it, more printing. Having downloaded all the past papers yesterday for my revision, I thought I’d take advantage of being at home today to print them all out.

Knowing printing always takes longer than you expect, I wanted to get it out of the way. So, first thing I did after waking up was firmly implanting myself, laptop in hand, next to the damned printer.

I tried to print the first document. Silence.

Box pops up on laptop screen: “Printer failing to load multiple paper.”

Uh-oh. Not the most auspicious start to the envisaged morning of printing fun.

I tried a few different printing options. Then bingo!

It’s the two-sided printing that’s confusing the printer. Turns out my printer is not a friend of the environment. It cannot do two-sided printing.

It could, two weeks ago, when I did my last printing batch in the pre-failure-to-load-multiple-paper era. But apparently not anymore.

In a mixture of disgruntlement (at not being able to print two-sided) and euphoria (at getting the printer to more or less work), I continued with the task. Which lasted two hours.

But now everything’s printed.

I even got round to printing the articles I wanted to print 5 days ago but couldn’t. Not all of them though. I don’t want to carry around 30 sheets of paper for a 76-page article. So those will have to stay on Mendeley, which I have no issue with. *knock wood*

Now I’m hungry. So I’m going to stop writing and go devour my dinner.

I know. I’m always either tired or hungry. This is what happens when you post at the end of the day.

Think of it as a good thing. If I weren’t in such a rush to go eat, or sleep, you’d have to endure more of my writing.

Until tomorrow,