18 May 2020

I want a break. Dare I say need a break?

In stark contrast to the buzzing high of last Friday, now I feel depleted, de-buzzed.

Not surprising considering I really haven’t had much of a weekend. I spent it working on subtitles and teaching, and really only got to stop working around 3:30pm on Sunday, when I went out for a walk and listened to a podcast.

A wonderful podcast by the way, as is usually the case with this series. The topic of authenticity is one I usually find interesting. A colleague (soon-to-be former) was listening to it the other day and thought I might be interested, so she flagged it to me.

She was right: I was interested and promptly listened to it on my walk yesterday. Note to self: thank her for the recommendation.

Anyhow, with the lack of mental rest over the weekend, I’m not feeling much motivated to start the work week (it’s Monday morning, 6:44am as I write). The good news is I did get pretty decent sleep the past two nights – the longest sleeps I’ve had in weeks.

With 2 and a half hours left to go before my work week starts at 9am, I think I’m going to switch off for a bit. Maybe listen to a podcast, or read. Yes, most likely I’ll read.

I mistakenly bought the book “The Shape of Water” some months ago thinking the movie was based on said book. Only to realise last week (maybe 2 weeks ago by now) that it’s the other way around.

I normally don’t read books that are based on movies, but since I already bought it I thought I’d give it a chance. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It’s fast-paced and engaging – and dare I say alluring.

Yes, 2 hours with The Shape of Water will probably give me the break I need, and get me ready for the new week.

Hope you all had good, restful weekends.



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