15 May 2020

I’m on a roll.

Every week I send my manager a list of completed and upcoming tasks, and never before have so many tasks made their way to the “Completed” column.

Last week – despite it being a 2-day work week due to public holidays – I managed to finish many, many things. And this week – a full 5-day week – I pretty much moved every major task from “Pending by end of May” to “Completed”.

A few bits and bobs remain here and there, but 2 major projects have completed transition to their new owner – with all stakeholders informed.

1 major project is about to transition – the transition pack is just undergoing reviews from the team before being sent to the new project owner.

And my biggest project – the Employee Engagement Survey – is transitioning smoothly with an expected cut-off date of next Wednesday.

I even finished updating 10 articles on the People Team’s Help Page site yesterday, a task I didn’t think I’d get around to until the last week. It took much less time than expected (though it wasn’t any less boring).

Oh, and on top of that, I reviewed 2 learning courses and helped test our new Agoda Careers website.

I’ve ticked off so many tasks that I’ve started asking for new ones, and promptly received one yesterday. It’s an interesting task that will add value – and I appreciate the opportunity to contribute.

A colleague yesterday said that I’m experiencing the “pre-exit productivity high” and she’s absolutely right. I even feel the mental buzz, the excitement of tasks accomplished and (I think) well done.

On the non-Agoda front, I’ve also been spending my mornings before work applying for jobs. (It feels okay to do that now that I’ve submitted my resignation and have a clear end date) The job applying thing began almost as a coincidence, but once I got started the ball continued to roll.

I’m actually quite enjoying updating my CV to highlight achievements tailored to every new role I’m applying to (and the roles are wide-ranging) as well as writing the cover letter to go with it.

I’m averaging about one job a day, though today (unless something really catches my eye) I plan to take a break and catch up on my Economist newsletters which I’ve neglected for much of this week. They’re piling up in my inbox – I don’t like when things pile up in my inbox.

So yes, that’s about where I am right now. Buzzing away at work and on LinkedIn.

How is life for you? Are you also looking for a job? Focused at work?



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