30 March 2020

Yesterday (Sunday) marked the end of my first week back at home with my parents. And I must say: I’m liking it very much.

I haven’t spent a lot of time with my parents in recent years (only every other weekend and that’s mostly spent shut away subtitling alone in their bedroom). So being at home full-time is a big change, and a good one.

For the first time in over a decade, yesterday I did gardening with my dad. Two and a half hours of trimming bushes (i.e. ruining my dad’s perfectly trimmed bushes) and sweeping. It was invigorating. This used to be our Sunday ritual. One that stopped some time into my teens.

I’ve also enjoyed long walks in the residential complex. We live in a gated community – what we call in Thai “village” – and there is a wide main thoroughfare which now serves as exercise area for the residents. You’d see people jogging, cycling and (in my case) walking. The thoroughfare is plenty wide enough that we can easily maintain 2 meters between us.

On Saturday, I went out for my first walk around mid-day. It was blazing hot – but I enjoyed it. It was my first time out in the sun since probably the Saturday before. I put Billie Eilish on shuffle, discovering her songs (I’d only heard a few before) as I walked back and forth along the main thoroughfare.

Yesterday though I put on Taylor Swift – my all-time favourite singer, which gave an entirely different flavour to my walk. At one point I started singing and realised to my surprise that I remember most of the lyrics to You Belong With Me. I guess I’ve listened to it so many times when I was younger that the lyrics edged themselves into my memory without my even knowing.

So yes, gardening and walking back-and-forth in the complex. Those are pretty enjoyable. I’m not sure how a post that began with me spending more time with my parents turned into me walking in the complex with music in my ears. But hey, that’s how it goes.

On Saturday I also updated my main blog with some thoughts that had been forming in my mind in the past weeks. Thoughts around how social distancing has brought me closer to some of the people in my life – you can read the post here.

Hope social distancing is treating you well. Extraordinary times we live in.



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