17 December 2019

Hello world!

So, as you can see, I bought a new laptop. And I love it! So silvery sleek, so smooth, so fast. Not surprisingly, I’ve stuck with Dell. (I’m very loyal to my brands.) And for the few days I’ve owned it, I’ve been thoroughly delighted.

I worked on subtitles on it this past weekend, and it worked wonderfully. The typing was smooth, and the switch between languages quite intuitive and fast. Subtitling is all about speed – so this was good news.

But honestly though, just looking at it makes me happy. It’s such a change to have a light-coloured laptop. It’s beautifully designed. It even semi levitates when I flip the lid open (for ventilation no doubt).

Also, another good news (apart from getting a fancy new laptop) is: I’ve lost 2 kilograms since calorie-counting. That all might go away this week as I’ve got festive dinners every night, but it’s nice to know it’s possible.

And I’d like to think I’ve been eating more healthily: more protein and veggies, less carbs and sugar.

In any case though, I need to get myself to the gym one morning this week. I haven’t “exercised” (10k steps a day don’t count for this category) for over a week… possibly two weeks by now.

Jogging on the treadmill won’t burn very much. But it sure will make me feel better about myself. I think it’s more psychological than physical.

Having said that though, I’ve managed to find an excuse not to jog every morning this week: setting up the printer/scanner on my new laptop (Monday), blogging (Tuesday a.k.a. this morning).

In fact, the reason I’m here writing right now at 9:42pm is to remove “blogging” as an excuse. This morning I updated one blog. Earlier this evening another, and now this. Basically, I’ve exhausted blogs to update.

What other excuse will I find tomorrow? Laundry? (That’ll probably be Thursday…) Reading? (Now that’s just being lazy.)

Ah well, I will have this internal fight with myself tomorrow morning. And if I manage to drag myself down to the gym on the fifth floor, you may hear about it later.

Hope all is well, wherever you are!



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