16 November 2019

So, it worked!

After experiencing that heightened brain activity a.k.a. maybe-stress for a few weeks (written about here), I am out of “danger zone” (shout out to all the Archer fans out there!).

Turns out a few weekends of rest and relaxation do wonders, together with not coming in to work at 7 in the morning and staying too late (duh).

After the first weekend of November where I opted not to work on subtitles (a difficult decision as I had the projects ready to go and a deadline hanging over me – it almost felt wrong not to get a head start!) and enjoyed Lion King the Musical (sublime) with my parents, I could feel my brain buzz winding down a notch.

Then last weekend was divine. I did work on subtitles (two 30-minute episodes) but was able to rest for most of Sunday. I went to see Judy (Judy Garland biopic starring Renée Zellweger), which was wonderful.

Then had an impromptu decision to get a foot massage. I ended up in a fancy-ish spa I’d never been to and boy, that massage was so relaxing: darkened room, soft music, firm touches. I had one of those moments when you feel perfectly at peace with yourself. I could feel the waves of contentment washing over me. It was the most perfect re-charge I could ask for!

On top of these relaxing weekends, I’ve been guarding my reading time with my life: early mornings and sometimes in the evenings too. I finished Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. I can tell you absolutely nothing about the book without spoiling it, but I will say this: a wonderful read. It was a slow start but once I fell into the story I was hooked.

The combination of those two great weekends and switch-off time with Murakami I think helped restore my calm and peaceful state of mind. I’ve been feeling more relaxed at work these past two weeks.

I can feel the next wave coming though. As old projects phase out, I’m finding new tasks on my plate for projects that had previously been on the back burner. A lot of new deadlines between now and January, so have got to step up my game and tackle those tasks head on.

I’m in that state where it feels like there’s a lot to do and I’m not sure if I can do it all in time, but at the same time I also believe that there is enough time and I just need to take it one task at a time and work smart. Plan my days effectively with the right amount of hours scheduled for different tasks.

And a lot of the pending tasks are design/creative work, which I like, so I bet I’ll enjoy doing them.

Oh, and on the subtitles front, this month is proving very lucrative. On top of the three projects due at the end of the month (two of which I completed last weekend), I got another urgent project today, completely out of the blue. Feeling I’ve got enough head space and time, I accepted.

So I’ve got a new project to work on tomorrow (due Monday morning). I’ve finished watching it and it looks straightforward enough. If I’m quick, I may even get to work on the one remaining project due end of the month tomorrow.

Overall, things are swell. Just have to be careful and not let that wave sweep me under again. And now, I shall head off to Chinatown with some work peeps. I’m playing tour guide today and am looking forward to showing my non-Thai crew the myriad delicacies of Chinatown!

Also, today’s trip serves as a tester for next weekend. My partner will be here and we plan to hit Chinatown. So hopefully after this evening I’ll know some good spots to take my man.

Hope you’re all having a restful and relaxing weekend!



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