30 August 2019

It’s almost the end of the month – I think a good time to check in and share how life’s working out in the new professional ‘hood.

I’ve been at Agoda for almost three weeks now, and I must say: it’s great. I had extremely high expectations (which is probably not a good thing when starting a new job, but hey) coming in, and all of them have most certainly been met!

The greatest thing is the people. They are as smart and driven and disciplined as expected. It’s as if I had cloned the people I work with best at my old company and filled the office with them. It’s refreshing. And most (if not all) have a great sense of humour to boot!

The projects are also interesting. They center around themes I’m interested in and the people (again) on the projects I’m sharing ownership with are open to ideas and take a lot of initiatives. In fact, and this is something I’m extremely proud of, one of my co-owned projects moved from zero on Monday morning to full framework by Thursday late afternoon. And this is not the first, but the second iteration of the framework. Things move fast at Agoda.

Being in my favourite mall is also a big plus: oh the lunch options. And coffee, so much good coffee. So much so that I have to watch my spending. It has gone up considerably since moving to Agodaland. Gotta make sure I have some of that paycheck left at the end of the month!

Talking about paychecks, I’ve been putting off going to the bank for a few weeks now. I want to talk to them about investing in funds. I’m a complete newbie at this, but it seems sensible to put aside a not-too-substantial portion of my earnings in a (reputedly) well-managed fund and let it grow. The first paycheck came in this morning. So I should probably do that soon before I spend all my money.

Oh: and this is completely random but something I’m very excited about. I might be getting a new phone today. I have been meaning to buy a new phone for a while. The old one is still functioning but getting annoyingly slow. And the Android OS is frozen in time (as per maker’s agreement with Google) at 5.1 which feels like a crime now that Android 10 is on the horizon.

My partner bought a Mi8 back in February and according to him it’s a *beep* great phone. I also was recently recommended a Mi9 by a trusted source. (I usually go by people’s recommendations rather than Google’s) So I discarded ideas of a Galaxy S10 or an Oppo Reno and zoomed in on a Mi9. Once that decision was made I swiftly made calls to shops that I know stock Mi phones (there aren’t that many) and was promptly disappointed to find out they were out of stock everywhere. Even at the Mi store. However, I left my number and yesterday got a call (in fact, two – if anything they’re good at following up!) from the store informing me that a new batch has arrived. So I’m going in after work today to have a look, and if I like what I see? Kaching! (That’s the ring of the cash register.)

Anyhow, not sure how a work update turned into new phone talk. The pen follows the wanderings of the mind, I guess.

Hope you’re all doing well and had a wonderful August. Though we’ve got two days to go, here’s to a great September!



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