23 May 2018

Hello stranger.

Or to be more accurate, hello from a stranger. I’ve been away from my baby (this blog) for so long that I feel like a stranger on my own page.

I’ve been thinking about writing an entry for many weeks now, perhaps even months. And one thing has held me back: the most significant change in my life these past months is one I want to keep private. So every time I thought about updating my blog, I couldn’t answer the question of what I’m going to write about.

But here I am, not to tell you about the change, but to check in on other aspects of my life and re-connect with the blogger in me.

I am sitting in the training room at my company, DKSH. It’s been almost six months since I officially started in my role, and I feel increasingly like a fish in water. I am in today’s training as an observer. The fact that I am able to give valuable feedback both on delivery and content I consider an achievement. And I am taking meticulous notes, which I’ll consolidate (I use this word a lot now) and share with the facilitator over lunch, which I’ll organise in the next two weeks.

Except that, of course, right now I’m not listening and am here writing you guys. In my defense, the participants are sharing findings from their group discussion and the content here is of limited value to me.

In my last post, I mentioned signing up to the gym. Well, the gym is closing down at the end of the month. I have only a few classes left so I’m not too bothered. I’ll miss the community aspect and the nice ladies at reception (shame on me for not knowing their names), but one very positive thing came out of my subscription: I now have a personal trainer. He was one of the trainers I was having classes with, and I have now engaged him as my personal trainer. He is trained in many types of exercise and is pretty responsive to my body condition and requirements, so I’m pretty happy.

I’ve been very bad with exercising in general though. For about a month I was doing a stellar job: going to classes, swimming, running. But it petered out and I haven’t had the discipline to get back into it.

On the whole though, life is good. I am enjoying work at DKSH. The few students I’m teaching I enjoy interacting with. And the subtitles jobs keep coming. Not on their own, but – and I’m proud of this – because I’m proactively asking for them. I’ve got a regular show every weekend which I enjoy watching and translating, and am beginning to get some other stuff during the week. It’s a bit of a crunch to do subtitles during the week, but I’m able to do them fast enough now that it’s possible.

There’s one thing that I should change in my life though. I might be spending more money than I should be. Well actually I do know that I’m spending more than I should. I still save up a few 10ks every month, but I can do much better. If I’m more restrained in my spending, fewer fancy meals at restaurants. There are perfectly acceptable, much cheaper options in my neighbourhood.

But overall I’m happy. Life is good. I was thinking this morning while walking to work: “I’ve got this. I’ve (to an extent) figured it out.” And that felt good.

How have the past months treated you? Where are you now in life?

Until next time.

Much love,


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