7 March 2017

I had a training on translating subtitles yesterday with a localisation company I’m freelancing for.

It was nice. I got to meet a handful other freelancers (essentially my competitors for work though the atmosphere was very amiable), and learnt some important technical stuff and translation techniques.

I’ve had 3 projects to translate since the New Year (I was signed on as Freelancer in September last year) and it seems my career as Subtitle Translator is finally kicking off.

Hopefully, their investing in giving us a training is an indication that they will be trusting us (me specifically) with more projects in the future. Once a month isn’t exactly a handful and I’m anxious to be doing subtitle translating on a regular basis.

It’s fun – translating subtitles. Puts your brain in a real spin. Plus you get to watch a series/programme while working, which is nice.

Translating for my usual content provider is an added perk. Since it’s such a well-known provider, I feel a puff of pride every time I see my name on the credits. To be honest I had no idea when I applied that I’d get such good work.

Good here doesn’t mean financially rewarding though. The rates are abysmal and I’m earning much more teaching English. But it’s worth it. When one of your childhood dreams is seeing your name at the end of a movie in the cinema, any rate is worth it.

I did however apply to freelance for another company which pays triple the amount my current one gives. So there’s apparently a discrepancy in remuneration in the subtitle business. I sent in my test stream two weeks ago and on Sunday finally emailed the guy I’d been corresponding with to ask when I can expect to find out the results. He replied to say a few weeks.

I was going to wait until I get this job (hopefully) to beef up my CV before I apply for another. But the way things are I’d better not hold my breath. So I’ll be sending out another application in the next day or so. One at a time. I don’t want to overload myself with test streams.

Not to mention the regular work that I’m hoping to get from my company. And prepping for lessons that I’m giving online. And napping on days off. It’s very important, napping – by far the hi-light of my weekends.

We’ll see how it goes with the subtitle work. If I’m lucky I’ll be signed on to another company or two and will have more projects to work on. If I’m really lucky I’ll be able to quit my day job, or do it part-time. I do eventually have to leave to do my CELTA (English language teaching certificate) so it’ll be good to have a backup income source.

We’ll see. We’ll see.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll keep you posted.

Wishing you luck in your endeavours.



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