28 September 2016

I just discovered one thing about myself.

When in need, I go to people before Google.

Which I think is different from most people. (Or is it? What are you like?)

I had some issues with my new phone. Two, to be exact. 

First, I couldn’t get my running apps to close. When you go to this window and swipe apps up, they’re supposed to stop running (save battery and phone performance and all that jazz):

Second, I couldn’t figure out how to save photos automatically to my SD card. I figured out how to move them after, but there /must/ be a way to save there by default.

So this morning, I went back to the shop where I bought the phone to speak with an assistant.

The first one (a really nice guy who sold a different brand but offered to help since the oppo guy wasn’t in yet) informed me that the closing apps problem is an issue with this version of the OS and that I need to wait for the next update.

OK, fine.

The second assistant (the oppo guy who finally arrived) fiddled with my phone for a while, opening and closing random apps and looking very serious, then declared that it is not possible to save to SD card by default.

Needless to say, I left the shop somewhat frustrated.

That’s when I decided to ask for Google’s help and – voila! – found the solution to both problems in a heartbeat.

For the apps problem, it turns out I had unwittingly locked the apps (you can see the small lock icon in the picture above). For the SD card, I only have to go to camera settings and adjust accordingly.

Problems solved, I began pondering why I didn’t immediately turn to Google, as most technologically literate people would do.

And realised that I prefer the warm fuzzy feeling of human interaction, even when the human in question were strangers working in a phone shop.

This was quite a revelation. I shall have to ponder more on this.

For now, one must get to work.

Congratulations to me for single-handedly fixing my phone! *Clap clap*

Have a good day everyone.



2 thoughts on “28 September 2016

  1. Hi Val, if you’re running Android, have you tried an app called Battery Doctor? I use it and it helps to stop apps from automatically restarting, which is really useful. Stay well, Greg.


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