5 October 2014

Today was ma-hu-sive shopping day.

We (i.e. my parents and I) arrived at the department store at 11.30am. We left at 9pm. I’m pretty sure that breaks our record of ‘longest time spent in a department store’.

We had 2 food breaks: lunch and ice cream. And I must say I’m deeply impressed that my mom was able to maintain a modicum of interest as I powered tirelessly through a dazzling array of work clothes.

My try-to-buy ratio was around 10-to-1. I ended up buying about 10 items of clothing. So yes. You do the maths. Now you have an idea of how much changing-room time me and my mom did today.

It also took us a crazy amount of time to find the perfect work shoes. I quickly found 2 perfect pairs of heels that are to-die-for. But, being perfect, they won’t do for everyday wear and tear. Finding a comfortable but nice-looking pair of heels for the daily commute proved to be a mountainous task. One that, in the end, wasn’t insurmountable. But we did spend over 2 hours circling the shoe department over and over. For a pair of shoes. Now that’s some serious shopping.

I also bought myself a shiny new Samsonite. My second. A black carry-on (cloth) to go with my shiny blue medium-size (plastic). I’ve been using a £20 carry-on from that big store on Charing Cross that sells really cheap clothes (what’s it called again?), but the quality (or lack thereof) is starting to show. Since I’m expecting to travel a lot for my new job, I thought now is as good a time as ever to invest in another Samsonite. You just cannot beat a 10-year warranty. Nope.

So yes. New bag. New clothes. New shoes. Now all I need is to put pen on paper and I will be officially employed on my first job as a graduate. Exciting times!

That exclamation mark just about used up my last drop of energy. 8 and a half hours of shopping is taking its toll.

So good night,


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