26 September 2014

I have a problem.

I don’t know if you as a fellow blogger are familiar with this problem. It’s getting quite serious in my case and I’m wondering if I should start worrying.

I was customising the theme on this blog earlier and couldn’t help feasting my eyes on the various themes (the free ones, of course) on offer. And it was all I could do not to start a new blog there and then. Just so I could use a new theme.

I’m starting to think I’m a serial blog starter. Not a serial blogger. A serial blog starter. I am addicted to the kick of seeing a new blog go live – shiny new theme, shiny new font, shiny new colours, shiny new content, shiny new functions, so on and so forth.


As of present, I have 3 blogs: 2 live ones and one in the incubator. And I don’t think adding to that number is the optimal course of action. I can barely keep both sites alive as it is.


*mental salivation*

So far, I’ve been able to contain my blog-starting urges. I expect this urge to weaken as I become more busy with things that make money. I’m not money-obsessed by any count, but one must earn one’s living. Especially at the ripe adult(?) age of 25.

I’ve even turned this urge into a blog post! I consider that an achievement. A small one, but one nonetheless.

Please be happy for me.


Suspected Serial Blog Starter





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