19 March 2014

This is going to sound extremely dodgy, but I can’t write a post today.

Not because I’m lazy, but because I’ve already written something else.

Extremely dodgy, I did say.

Oh but I can explain:

Knowing me and my tendency to overdo the things I enjoy doing, I set myself a rule on blogging: only one written piece per day.

And I’ve already written that one piece today for my other blog.

So yes. Extremely sorry.

I love you guys too. Not as much as I love the readers of my other blog obviously, but that’s just because what we have is still new.

Give it time.

I will be back tomorrow.

I would say to check out my other blog. But after showing preferential treatment a few lines up, I think that’d be presuming too much.

Do take care.

Until tomorrow,


p.s. Just to be clear, I love all my readers equally. Except the abusive ones. Whom I’m lucky not to have encountered. Yet. *knock wood*

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